The “Dr. Schulz Soccer Management Institute” is providing to their students high quality, reality related education in sports management, tailored to soccer. This knowledge will ensure these students in the future to work in the market they have passion for – SOCCER.

The institute and its curriculum was created for current High School students, High School graduates and college students who want to work in soccer clubs on a high level as coaches or club managers.

This education also serves as first step for players who made it already as professional soccer players to continue after their professional carrier to stay in this profession.



The “Dr. Schulz Soccer Academy” placed 61 players in the last 10 years in professional clubs in Europe in different countries and divisions to start their professional carrier, and will continue to do so.

Equally the “Dr. Schulz Soccer Management Institute” will develop and then place their students in the area of coaching and soccer management in clubs in the US and in Europe.

“There is a huge market out there in soccer for quality coaches, club managers or administrators. Parallel to our education on the field we also will offer this unique opportunity to study and become an expert in all areas of soccer as successful coaches or club managers in the future. In general former players with no specific education in soccer management get the job as sport director or club manager after their active professional career as a player ended because the just are familiar with the club and its surrounding. Graduates of our new Soccer Management Institute will have an opportunity to get attractive jobs in a profession they love either immediately after graduation at our institute or after their active career as professional soccer players. I remember after I finished my doctoral degree in Soccer Management at the university in Vienna on a Friday. One day after on Saturday I played my last game as a pro and the following Monday I was the Head Coach and GM of the club. The same vision we have for our Schulz Academy players who become pros in different clubs in Europe after their active career. In addition we will promote graduates of our Soccer Management Institute in order to get attractive jobs in the US in the immensely growing market of soccer” explains Dr. Josef Schulz the new program.        



Schulz Academy is known for the teamwork of its highly trained and talented professionals from all different parts of the business to meet the needs to develop a player from A-Z, all united by the passion for soccer. By doing so, we take only the best possible from each discipline of scouting and identifying talent, development, marketing and sales fo the players. The combination of its talneted personnel has converted the Schulz Academy into the most successful player development academy in the US. 

Dr. Josef Schulz (President and Founder)

As the Managing Principal and C.E.O., Dr. Josef Schulz is the driving force behind the Schulz Academy. He has more than 40 years of professional experience in the sport of soccer as a player (418 Bundesliga games in 12 years in Austria from 1969-1981), as a Coach and General Manager (Champion, Cup Winner, and European Cup Finalist with Rapid Vienna 1985), Marketing Manager and Agent of Argentinian Superstar Mario Kempes (Top Scorer and MVP of the World Champion Argetina at the World Cup in 1978 in Argetina), Coach of Josmer "Jozy" Altidore from age 8-16, who was transferred to Villareal of Spain’s La Liga for a record transfer fee of 10 Million Dollars, which is the highest ever paid by a European club for any American Athlete in any sport. 

In addition, Dr. Josef Schulz won in the period from 2001-2010 with his teams of the Schulz Academy 5 SYL National Championships, 6 State Cup Titles, and many more prestigious tournaments in the US and was ranked  #5 in "Soccer America’s" best youth clubs in the US. 


For more information on the different programs at the “Dr. Schulz Soccer Management Institute” please call Josef Schulz at 561/479-2637 (office), 561/414-3790 (cell) or send an e-mail to JSchulz575@aol.com.

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