Secured main entrance to apartment complex, just allowed for residents

Boarding Program
Details to our Boarding Program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


At Schulz Academy we believe that the only way a soccer player can be developed into a serious pro-prospect is by having him with the academy 100%.  "The American soccer system is wild", says Dr. Schulz, owner and head coach of the Schulz Academy.  "Everywhere else in the world, South America, Europe, they all have their players in their academy 100% and players are only playing and training for that one entity.  In the States they play high school in the fall, one league with this club, another with the next and some tournaments supposedly for getting seen by college coaches with another".  "Even if all of these different teams have excellent training and coaching - which most of them don’t - having 2, 3 or 4 different coaches trying to teach you something within a year without working together destroys any chances for the player to properly develop" says Dr. Schulz.


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