Jamel Johnson had a great start after joining SV Gersthof in the Wr. Stadtliga in Vienna, Austria.In his debut game with his new team Jamel Johnson scored the first goal and assisted the second goal in a 2-2 tie in a pre-season match.

“Despite the jet leg I felt good and I think I impressed the coaches and team mates with a solid performance in my first game. Before I scored the goal, I made a sprint into open space and got the ball in the right moment to beat the offside. The goalkeeper read the pass, but I was a bit faster and chipped the ball over him. At this point we were 0-2 behind, and my goal gave the team a boost. 10 minutes after the goal I used my speed and outran 3 players, before I passed it to the middle, were one of our players tapped it into the open goal”, describes Jamel Johnson his debut game.


While playing for the Schulz Academy Jamel Johnson was also a  member of the US U18 National Team



“I am happy for Jamel. If he is in good shape he is a very dangerous player. His speed can make the difference. This is exactly the type of player his team needs to stay in the division. Their players are technically very good, but need a type like Jamel to complete their offense”, says Dr. Josef Schulz about the player he trained at his academy in the youth system and this year in the U23 and PDL Schulz Academy team.


“My new team mates and all the coaching staff are very friendly and help me to feel comfortable in my new environment. In general to feel comfortable in Vienna is not very difficult. It is a beautiful town. The last 2 years it was voted by CNN as the city with the highest living standard worldwide” continues Jamel Johnson, who will put all his effort to keep his team in the Wr. Stadtliga. He is joining in Vienna 3 other Schulz Academy players, who are playing at city rival Wr. Viktoria, which is playing for the title this year, being in second place just 2 points behind the leader.        


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